Our core values stem from our experience in the home building, design and hospitality industries, which greatly impacts our customer service. We build homes but we also build trust and honesty — with our trades and more importantly with our clients. We totally understand that building a custom home can be one of the most financially and emotionally taxing undertakings and we are fully committed to help our clients through this journey. It is our responsibility to turn our client's dreams into reality! We want to be proud of the home we have built...and we want you to be just as proud of the home you will be enjoying.

Building Relationships First — And Then Building Homes

Our first priority is to establish a great working relationship with you! From start to finish, building a custom home can often take up to a year to construct. A relationship based on trust and honesty goes a long way to ensure a successful and enjoyable project for us and our clients. Through open and collaborative communication, we strive to ensure that we are working toward the same common goal. Our commitment is to build relationships with our clients that last long after the home is complete.

Craftsmanship And Construction: Built to Last

Not all homes are designed and built the same. Some people will chose their designer and builder strictly based on the lowest price, using 'builder grade' materials and inexperienced trades which compromise the home's integrity and quality. All projects by Infiniti Pacific are built using only the highest quality materials and subcontractors available. From hand picking our vendors, trades and materials to constantly monitoring the entire building process we guarantee a high quality custom home from the ground up.

Value Engineering In Every Corner: Quality Throughout

At Infiniti Pacific we don't hire the cheapest subcontractors so we can maximize profits like some of our competitors do. We believe in a team approach to building your home, so our subcontractors undergo a rigorous approval process by us to ensure not only that they are the best at what they do, but that they are also accountable when and if issues arise. Of course through the planning process we want to anticipate and address issues before they become problems! But through experience we know that some things are beyond our control, so we commit to you that we all work together as a team to find timely, effective and satisfactory solutions. That teamwork philosophy creates a smooth building process ensuring we deliver a high quality home.

No Shortcuts! We will tell you up front that we won't take shortcuts that will compromise quality. We only hire the most reliable and experienced tradespeople because the quality of every home is determined by every nail and screw, every fixture and finish.

Style and Signature: The Design Story

Your custom home is meant to reflect your lifestyle and taste. During the design process, we help you realize and define your preferences and style. We work together to custom design your spaces however you want them, and make sure your style and signature is throughout your home – after all you will be the ones enjoying it when it's complete. The design process can be daunting, but when it is clearly outlined for you it becomes an amazing, stress free and even fun experience!

Our Service to You: Communication is Key

We take pride in knowing what it means to be professional. Communication, showing up on time, returning calls and emails are simple courtesies – which should never be forgotten. We promise to be accountable to you. Infiniti's team treats our homeowners and trades with professional courtesy and open communication and we ask you return the favour. We want this whole experience to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved!